5 Design Tips To Follow When Using Unique Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware such as door handles and pulls are one area of design that you can be truly unique. You may choose to DIY your own handles out of memorabilia that is special to you and your family or purchase accent handles that go beyond the traditional T-bar handles and discreet knobs. By choosing unique handles or pulls you can show off your personality without overwhelming the room that the cabinets are in.

How To Safely Open Your Automatic Garage Door When The Electricity Is Out

There is nothing better than being able to hop into your vehicle during a snow storm and not have to worry about cleaning the snow off or scraping the ice from the windshield. But that same storm can bring power outages that are nothing but headaches for homeowners. If you experienced a bad snow storm and have lost power, but you need to get your car out of the garage, don't worry about breaking your garage door to get it out.

Which Windows Are Right For A Hot Climate?

With 2016 well on the way to setting the record for the hottest year ever, homeowners, especially those in hot climates, are looking for ways to keep cool at home without causing their energy bills to also reach record highs. If you can relate, then you may want to start by looking at your windows. Ideally, your windows will let the light in, but keep heat out. That way you can benefit from the natural light through your windows without your air conditioner having to compete with additional heat.