5 Design Tips To Follow When Using Unique Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware such as door handles and pulls are one area of design that you can be truly unique. You may choose to DIY your own handles out of memorabilia that is special to you and your family or purchase accent handles that go beyond the traditional T-bar handles and discreet knobs. By choosing unique handles or pulls you can show off your personality without overwhelming the room that the cabinets are in. However, there are still some important design rules you should follow when you are utilizing more interesting and unique cabinet hardware. 

Select Functional Hardware

While it is nice to have a beautiful handle or pull, it is important to remember that it is on your cabinet for a reason. You should be able to easily open the cabinet using the handle or pull that you install. For this reason, make sure that you select a sturdy handle or pull that is easy for you to grip. Functionality is not the same for all families. For example, if you want a young child to be able to use a pull, consider something that has a lip around the edge as opposed to a sleeker, straight knob. Additionally, you should make sure that the handle will stand daily use. Delicate materials, such as necklaces or cork pulls, should only be used on decorative drawers that do not get much daily use. 

Make Sure Your Hardware Does Not Clash With Other Accent Pieces

Creative cabinet hardware is generally used in rooms that are plain or neutral in their overall design. Using flashy hardware in a room that already has several intricate details can make the room appear cluttered. Even if you are using the accent hardware in a neutral room, it is important to make sure that your handles match well with any other accent pieces you have in the room. For example, your handles on your kitchen cabinets should complement your backsplash or curtains. 

Carefully Consider Size and Scale 

You can make ordinary cabinet hardware more interesting by playing with the scale of the hardware. For example, you may choose large handles for small cabinets or small pulls for overly large cabinets. Additionally, you may choose to mix the size of your handles or pulls to create a graduated or mosaic look on an otherwise ordinary wall of cabinets. 

Make Sure Your Hardware Can Be Cleaned 

When purchasing handles or pulls, you should make sure that they are easy to dust or polish. Hardware that is too intricate or delicate can sometimes be difficult to clean, which can make your room look dingy or unkempt and can ruin the creative touch you are aiming to create. Also, keep in mind that some hardware finishes, such as chrome, pick up fingerprints and may need to be cleaned more often than other types of hardware. 

Don't Get Too Unique In Your Placement Choices

You can make an ordinary pull or handle more interesting by moving it to a less traditional placement on your cabinet door. As an example, you may move a pull to the middle of a door instead of near the upper or lower edge or you can install a handle at a slight angle instead of vertically or horizontally. However, if you have very unique handles or pulls, you should consider a more traditional placement. This will make your handles and pulls easier to use and help people recognize them as handles and pulls. 

Unique handles and pulls can spice up your cabinets and create a unique accent point in any room. However, it is important to follow basic design rules to integrate your unique hardware into your room. For more on this topic, check out a company like REFCO.